Designing High Impact Boardrooms For Corporate Success

WeWork modern meeting room design featuring sleek furnishings.
WeWork modern meeting room design featuring sleek furnishings.

Where first impressions can make or break deals, businesses are recognising the important role that conference rooms and boardrooms play in shaping their brand identity. 

These spaces, which extend beyond mere meeting venues, have developed into essential instruments for bolstering a company’s image, promoting collaboration, and making a lasting impact on clients and stakeholders. 

These every day meeting spaces have the power to mould the narrative of your business and influence important decisions that can make or break your business. 

Prima Commercial Fitouts understands that every aspect, from the sleek design of the furniture to the seamless integration of technology in presentations, communicates a distinct message. 

This article examines the skill of creating an effective boardroom, exposing the details that take it from a functional place to a valued resource.

"The Situation Room," a spacious and meticulously crafted boardroom designed and constructed by Prima, Commercial Fitout for Secure Access.

“The Situation Room,” a spacious and meticulously crafted boardroom designed and constructed by Prima, Commercial Fitout for Secure Access.

The Evolution of Conference Rooms in Branding

Gone are the days when conference rooms were merely functional spaces for presentations and discussions. Today, organisations view these rooms as extensions of their brand, reflecting their values, culture, and professionalism. The design, ambiance, and functionality of conference rooms now contribute immensely to the overall business strategy.

Different Types of Conference Rooms and Their Impact

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to conference room design. Companies tailor these spaces based on their unique needs, culture, and industry. From traditional boardrooms exuding a sense of authority to collaborative meeting spaces encouraging innovation, each type serves a distinct purpose.

Traditional Boardrooms: Ideal for formal meetings and presentations, these rooms often feature large tables, executive chairs, and impressive audio-visual setups. They convey a sense of authority and professionalism, making them suitable for important client meetings or decision-making sessions.

A classic boardroom with traditional design elements.

Collaborative Spaces: With the rise of flexible work environments, companies are adopting more collaborative meeting spaces. These areas prioritize comfort, creativity, and adaptability, fostering a sense of teamwork and innovation. This type of room is often favored by tech companies and creative industries.

Client-focused Meeting Rooms: Meeting spaces or rooms that are specifically designed and equipped to cater to the needs and preferences of clients. These rooms are created with the aim of providing a conducive and comfortable environment for meetings, discussions, or presentations involving clients.

Creating Collaborative Hubs: A Dive into Corporate Boardrooms

A well designed conference room or boardroom is more than a meeting space, they’re a powerful tool for shaping and reinforcing business growth and identity. Here are six examples that have made it onto our list that might inspire your next conference room or boardroom fit-out design. 

WeWork: Where Collaboration Meets Comfort

WeWork’s meeting rooms, often hailed for their contemporary flair, embody the spirit of collaboration and comfort. Picture sleek, up-to-date furnishings matched with vibrant accents and advanced technology effortlessly incorporated to enhance the collaborative experience.

This design ethos resonates with WeWork’s commitment to bringing together their diverse community to connect and innovate.

For instance, at their flagship location in London, you’ll find meeting rooms adorned with sleek glass tables and ergonomic chairs, creating an atmosphere conducive to brainstorming and idea sharing. Meanwhile, in their Tokyo office, traditional Japanese design elements harmoniously blend with modern aesthetics, offering a unique and inspiring setting for productive meetings.

WeWork modern meeting room design featuring sleek furnishings.

Microsoft: Incorporating Technology for Productivity

Microsoft champions the power of technology within its boardroom walls. A contemporary space incorporated with cutting-edge audiovisual equipment and seamless connectivity solutions. High-definition screens line the walls, ready to display presentations, graphs, and real-time data with crystal clarity.

Every detail is meticulously designed to facilitate virtual collaboration, seamlessly integrating with in-person meetings. State-of-the-art video conferencing features unite colleagues worldwide for collaboration without geographical constraints.

This emphasis on technology aligns with the company’s broader mission to empower productivity.

A modern boardroom interior at Microsoft's Sydney office.

Lego: Building Creativity in the Conference Room

Creativity takes centre stage inside Lego’s conference room. A bright space adorned with playful decor and colourful Lego-inspired furnishings. Brimming with imagination, the room features Lego-themed walls, showcasing intricate brick-built designs and iconic Lego characters.

Every element has been carefully planned to encourage creativity and teamwork, creating an atmosphere where ideas can grow. Participants are encouraged to participate in practical building exercises at collaborative workstations, thus developing creativity and teamwork.

This focus on creativity is a wonderful fit with Lego’s philosophy of encouraging creativity and imagination in all facets of its operations.

A vibrant conference room adorned with colorful Lego-themed decor and modern furniture.

Spotify: Harmonising Ideas in the Boardroom

A creative and modern space designed with music-themed decor and lively artwork. From vinyl record-inspired tables to soundwave-patterned walls, every element reflects Spotify’s passion for music and creativity.

The room is equipped with state-of-the-art audio systems, allowing for immersive sound experiences during presentations and meetings. Collaborative playlists curated by team members enhance the atmosphere, providing a sense of unity and collaboration.

Spotify’s vision to connect people through the power of music is reflected in its commitment to music and creativity in its meeting room and designs and meeting processes. Ideas flow smoothly in the boardroom, just like on their platform, inspired by the rhythm and melody of innovation.

Spotify headquarters showcases a sleek boardroom design.

IBM: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

IBM’s conference rooms, often described as traditional boardrooms, reflect their longstanding reputation for stability and reliability. 

Imagine warm wood paneling, classic leather chairs around mahogany tables, and state-of-the-art technology discreetly integrated to maintain the timeless aesthetic. This design choice aligns with the company’s focus on long-term partnerships and established expertise. 

For example, their headquarters in Armonk, New York, features a historic boardroom with a hand-carved oak ceiling, while their Tokyo office incorporates traditional Japanese design elements into their meeting spaces.

A sophisticated boardroom with elegant furnishings and state-of-the-art technology at IBM Headquarters.

Amazon Spheres: Harnessing Nature for Inspirational Meetings

We couldn’t finish without an honourable mention of the amazing meeting spaces at Amazon’s Spheres building in Seattle. 

While most of us don’t have the budget to create a space that comes even close to the spheres, we can still draw inspiration from the fundamental concepts of biophilic design – integrating natural light and greenery – and circular spaces to cultivate serene and interconnected meeting environments.

Incorporating elements such as ample natural light and foliage, we can capture the essence of bringing the outdoors in, promoting an environment that is not only visually appealing but also conducive to well-being and productivity. 

A sleek meeting room design with modern furniture and lush greenery inside the Amazon Spheres.

Watch The Spheres as they’re being built, from ground breaking to completion. 

Advantages of Strategic Conference Room Design

Selecting a bespoke fitout company that creates tailor-made design solutions that go beyond just aesthetics and show a deep grasp of investing in well-designed conference rooms is important for companies aiming to elevate their business and branding endeavours. Here are some key benefits for businesses considering a conference room facelift:

Professionalism: A well-designed conference room exudes professionalism, instilling confidence in clients and partners. It becomes a physical representation of your company’s commitment to excellence. According to a survey by Staples Business Advantage, 71% of employees believe that the design of their workplace affects their productivity and job satisfaction.

Memorability: Creating memorable experiences is one of the keys for effective branding. A conference room that is distinctive and well-branded can leave a lasting impression on clients, distinguishing the company from competitors and making it more memorable in their minds. Combining unique design elements, branding materials, and interactive features into the conference room, the company can enhance its brand identity and create a memorable environment for meetings and presentations.

Employee Morale: Conference rooms that reflect a company’s values and culture can boost employee morale. When employees feel a sense of pride in their workspace, it translates into positive energy and productivity. This sense of alignment brings a positive work environment where employees feel valued and motivated to give their best efforts.

Beyond Design: The Lasting Impact of Thoughtful Conference Rooms

Conference rooms or boardrooms have evolved into powerful tools for companies seeking to strengthen their brand identity. 

investing in diverse room designs that align with their values and goals, companies can create memorable spaces that leave a lasting impact on clients, partners, and employees alike. 

One of the companies that can help you achieve this is Prima Commercial Fitouts, a leading office fitout company that offers custom design solutions and turnkey services.  We can work with you to create a conference room that reflects your brand personality and culture and enhances your productivity and creativity. 

As businesses continue to recognise the importance of these spaces, strategic conference room design will undoubtedly remain a key aspect of overall corporate identity.

Home Office Inspiration

Monchromatic Feels

If you’re like me you dream of a work space at home where you can sit and write, design, catch up on emails… just a bit of peace and quiet where you can sit and be inspired. But the truth is your home office is a dumping ground for bills, paperwork, half started projects, old coffee cups and mostly clothes waiting to be ironed. Well it’s a New Year people and what better time to claim your work space back and get reinspired.

This year is all about monochrome, keeping things simple, sleek and clutter free. We have taken a few ideas from Pinterest and are going to show you how you can re create the look using some of our Prima Express range.

WORK STATION – Using a corner work station is a great way to maximise desk space and using minimal room space. Remember a corner work station doesn’t need to be put in the corner. Turn it around and it can be used to create a little nook for your family to sit across from you while you work or client meetings.

SEATING – A very important part of your home office is your office chair. We have chosen the sleek Prima 605M Executive chair. The black seat and chrome fittings give a luxe monochromatic look. Wheels make it easy to scoot around your space. Another idea is a comfy lounge or seat for your visiting family members or even clients. We like the Prima Venus chair, the perfect accompaniment to your home office.

FILING AND STORAGE – In every home office you need a filing cabinet. We all hate filing but it’s kind of a necessity to store your important files, warranties, certificates etc. If storage is an issue we suggest using the Go Mobile Steel Pedestal File in black, white or grey. This gives you 2 draws of storage for stationary and papers and a bottom file for documents. Add a while Credenza storage unit to keep your bits and bobs and place photo frames and ornaments on top of to compete your mood.

SHELVING – We all have tones of books don’t we don’t know where to store. A book shelf is a must in a home office. A stylish way to display your treasured hardbacks is on a Prima Bookshelf. Colours coordinate your spines for effect. Stack books on top of each other and some standing side by side with ornaments and quirky book ends to give life to your display.

Now all you need to do is add the final touches. A Prima Pin Board some great on trend prints – inspirational quotes are always a good place to start. Potted plants in stylish vases are a must and finish some quirky stationary holders, folders and supplies and you have a complete, relaxed, monochromatic, inspiring work space.