The Sound of Productivity – Acoustic Paneling as a Stylish Solution in Your Office Fitout

Open-plan offices have dominated the landscape of commercial office fitouts for years, thanks to their promise of promoting collaboration and maximising space. Yet, these spaces often echo with a cacophony of distracting sounds that can disrupt concentration and productivity. Studies have found that lack of sound privacy is a key frustration for employees in open-plan offices.

The Impact of Poor Acoustics on Your Business Performance

The persistent noise and interruptions in an open-plan setting can take a toll on productivity. A staggering 85% of respondents in a survey by Ipsos and the Workspace Futures Team of Steelcase reported dissatisfaction with their working environment due to concentration difficulties. About 31% even had to leave their office to get essential work done.

Ironically, despite the intent of promoting communication, open-plan offices led to a 73% decrease in face-to-face interaction, while electronic communication saw a surge. The question arises: could poor acoustics be silently undermining your business performance?

Open plan office noise pollution
Open-plan office noise pollution is a major disruption to productivity

The Stylish Solution: Acoustic Paneling

In response to these challenges, the commercial fitout industry has embraced a game-changing solution: acoustic paneling. These panels are expertly designed to absorb sound, significantly reducing echo and noise levels in your workspace.

Gone are the days when functionality meant compromising on aesthetics (you can stop saving your egg cartons). Today’s acoustic panels blend seamlessly into your office design, transforming mere walls into elements of style. They are available in a plethora of designs, colours, and textures to complement any office decor.

Autex provides a good example of the evolution of acoustic paneling with their latest stunning collection designed in collaboration with First Nation artists and promising to absorb up to 100% of sound in some product ranges. Imagine integrating this level of noise control into your office space—creating an environment that looks stylish, promotes collaboration, and supports productivity.

Sustainable acoustic paneling designed in collaboration with First-Nations artists – available at Prima Commercial Fitouts

Types of Acoustic Paneling for Your Commercial Fitout

Whether you’re seeking a bold, statement-making look or a subtle, elegant finish, Prima Commercial Fitouts offers a wide variety of acoustic paneling options to suit your aesthetic and functional needs.

Fabric Wrapped Panels:  A popular choice for their versatility, these panels can be custom-made in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours.

prima wood panels

Perforated Wood Panels: These offer a timeless, natural aesthetic while providing excellent sound absorption.

Printed Acoustic Panels: Transform your panels into works of art, with the ability to print any image, pattern, or colour onto the panel surface.

prima autex acoustic paneling
Autex acoustic paneling – Pandanus ‘stone’.  Available at Prima Commercial Fitouts

Acoustic Screens: An excellent option for providing acoustic privacy in open spaces. These freestanding units can be moved and adjusted as needed, and are available in a variety of styles and designs.

Stick-On Acoustic Tiles: An easy and cost-effective solution, these self-adhesive tiles can be affixed directly to walls and other surfaces. They offer a high degree of customisation with a wide range of colours and patterns.

Remember, choosing the right type of acoustic paneling for your commercial fitout can significantly enhance your office’s acoustics while improving aesthetics and promoting productivity. Prima Commercial Fitouts is ready to assist in selecting and installing the perfect solution for your workspace.

Prima Commercial Fitouts: Your Partner in Acoustic Excellence

At Prima Commercial Fitouts, we are dedicated to creating workspaces that are conducive to your business’s success. We offer comprehensive acoustic paneling solutions that we can supply and install as part of your commercial fitout.

Let us help you navigate the acoustics of your workspace and find a solution that aligns with your unique needs. With our range of stylish acoustic paneling, you can foster a work environment where communication thrives, productivity flourishes, and your business performance soars. 

Contact us today to explore our range and discover how acoustic paneling can revolutionise your workspace.